Monday, March 2, 2009

two steps forward, one step back


I finally get a few things to line up, fall into place, look decent - and I finally get the ftp to play nice while I upload said pages to publish, and then the newest haywire is that I have three different sites with the same directory path. Sigh.

This (I'm tired & my fingers aren't playing nice, I just wrote 'Shit' instead of 'This'. Maybe a Freudian slip...) (and now I lost my train of thought...)


This means that every time I adjust one page, that's what shows up on all three sites. I'm kinda growly about this. (and I keep misspelling words, which means my fingers are tired of the keyboard for now.


I've been playing with scrapbook glues, with masking tape, with contact paper, with all sorts of things that I need to temporarily stick to the canvas without staining, so I can lay down some stencil cut outs.

Yeah, tonight I found out that my latest endeavor, the contact paper, is reversed from what I thought it was. So my letters are backwards. (sticking my tongue out) Blarg. Also, it doesn't stick as well as I'd hoped.

There is a need here. I need something that will work. But I'm not gonna pay 40 bucks for office supply label paper to try cutting out. I need in the 'less than 5 bucks' range. So far the scrapbooking glues are permanent on the canvas, so that's a no. Masking tape does not sit still long enough to have stencils cut out of it.

I'm searching for... a good sticky substance, that does not stain, that releases, that I can use with a stencil to either cut out and apply or to squeeze into the stencil lines to apply. Any suggestions?

Other than that, a few things are working out quite well and hopefully I'll have steady income again soon from the writing and copywriting and content management stuff. Also - a trip to Hawaii to hang out with cousins while my aunt & uncle take a trip! I'm so looking forward to seeing Pearl Harbor and experiencing Hawaii beaches!

Till next time - whereby I hope to have found something sticky...

1 Comment:

Sarah Marie Lacy said...

Hmmm...this could be way off base, but would masking fluid for watercolors work on canvas?

I don't know if it's under $5, but it's definitely under $10. You brush it on, and then it pulls off, like weird glue.

It may not work on canvas, but it's the first thing that came to mind!

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