Monday, April 30, 2007

Road Trip!

We had a wild girls weekend in Georgetown. (if Georgetown could be wild, this was about it) Amber, Bobbi and I meandered the street vendors and the great little shops at the Red Poppy Festival, then cleaned up a bit and ate dinner and went to the Trent Willmon concert/street dance.

Ok, that was the condensed version.

I went to stay with Amber on friday night, we left Saturday and aimed her minivan towards Georgetown. Along the way we stopped and took pictures of wildflowers and each other taking pictures of wildflowers.

We sang along with the radio, joking and chilling along the way. Thankfully Amber made maps, otherwise it would have been a much longer trip! The town square is a neat little place anyway, but the streets were full of vendors with lots of eye catching things. Yeah, and we were admiring the men we saw as well... ;) Lots of pretties - necklaces, rings, artwork. Bobbi & I found photograph prints at one guy's booth that we bought - pretty photos and supporting another artist. I picked up a delicious jar of strawberry-rhubarb jelly, we looked at the cars and trucks in the car show down one street. And then we found the chocolate shop - they had pretty wreaths and ornaments and stuff, but they also had chocolate! Like chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered fritos! Yeah! Grabbed a couple of hotdogs and a Miller Chill at the food tent, we could have done without the Miller Chill. If anyone ever tells you they're good, like the lady selling them at the booth did, please smack some sense into them, it's like lime-ish piss. Thankfully we had chocolate to make everything better!

We made our way around and out, found the hotel and a bit more shopping. Shoes at payless, nail polish and a couple of pretty dresses on sale, back to the hotel to clean up for the night. We dressed up and went back to an italian type restaurant on one of the street corners, we ordered drinks and ogled the waiters, one of whom became our waiter when we were seated.
Dinner was great, we were close enough to the balcony to hear the music starting outside, so after a bit more flirting with the waiter (on my part), we aimed for the stage. Bobbi moved up to the stage taking pictures and swooning (my words, not hers, although she was). I got camping chairs out of the van and we parked ourselves off to the side to watch and listen.

After the concert he came out and signed cd's and took pictures - Trent Willmon really is very nice. I've met some artists who aren't, but he did the street festival for pretty much free because he's from Texas, he played a great set, and he visited his fans. We were all smitten, not just Bobbi, by time we left.

A good long saturday, giggled and talked till we fell asleep, then got up on sunday to head back. We stopped to eat lunch, more people watching, then back on the road. We stopped at Lake Buchanan to take pictures of the ducks - and Bobbi sat down to visit with the ducks.
After they figured out she didn't have any food, they wandered on.

A few more picture stops, we rolled into Menard. Lots of hugging goodbye and I got on the road again to head back home. A huge storm was rolling across past San Angelo as the sun set. I think it was a beautiful way to sum up the weekend as I caught a bit of the lightning on (digital) film, for memories.

So.... where to next, girls?

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