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Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Only Everything Were This Easy


Ok. So I put way more thought and effort into something I thought would be easy. It's taken me over a week to just get the photos done and downloaded, but when I stretched the fabric to begin with I had other ideas in mind which only after I was done painting did I realize I should have done it differently.

Happens a lot around here. Eh, I learn as I go. Thus I'm better prepared for next time 'round.

This was a small series of 7 canvases, paint on both sides. One layer is the blue and grey, a second layer on one side only is the red seen above.

I have sent two of these paintings off into the world to live with shiny, happy people whom I admire greatly. They know who they are because they got the packages earlier this week. This leaves me five more to find homes for.

So if you've got a small empty space on your wall and you've been saying to yourself "Self, I think we really need a small painting that has the colors red, blue and grey in it, wrapped in a cream ribbon for hanging. I wonder where I can find one of those." then look no further - I've got them here!

Actually, I'll have a couple of options. I've got a Zibbet and an Artfire account that I'll be posting one or two things on, and will happily deal one-on-one with anyone who asks.

This leads me to go ahead and explain I've been working on the website for and in efforts to make them prettier to look at. h'art works will become a gallery, my freelance writing contract site, and the blog, so contacting me for all my talents will hopefully be easier. (Like it's oh so hard to find me now...) and Ride & Rub will be a sales point when we get our product in.

More. Soon. I'm working on it. I swear! (Everyday.)


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