Monday, January 26, 2009

Oxes? Oxen?

Happy New Year!

Ok, Happy Chinese New Year! There, is that better?

A Video! (I will stop with the exclamation points now.)

More paint flinging - a red layer. I will eventually figure out how to add music or edit these things, I hope. I want to, it's just like trying to convert the picture in my head to a painting or convert code into a proper website - I don't have a fucking clue so I push buttons till my computer growls at me or I have to call Lawrence to fix something.

No singing this time. You have been spared. Partly because I can barely breathe & partly because I've got a sore throat, and both of those combined are thanks to the lovely dry winds of West Texas. Doing this and building the 1x2 frames Saturday night was the most effort I put into anything all weekend.

Ok, I'll quit yammering now and let you watch. Have fun. I'll be traveling this coming weekend & then sending my computer to Apple so they can fix her, so it'll be a bit before I'm back.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

flinging a little paint

Since I've been putting forth efforts elsewhere - sorting writing and DBA stuff out and figuring out the minutia of a web design, a logo design, and a few other random things - it's been a full few weeks already.

It's not scintillating, it's almost boring because it's nine minutes of me half singing along with my ipod (and my singing voice is better reserved for the car) and yammering on about painting. Or flinging paint. With a straw.

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