Tuesday, December 9, 2008

to thine own self be true: effort

Where I first off admit I'm not great as staying in touch with people, not only in blogging and commenting, but in the real world where I have friends I've actually hugged before. (a real physical hug, not a facebook app hug) I have a hard enough time mailing a card once in awhile, much less reaching out to visit.

It does require effort. Sometimes more than I can muster, depending on what emotional state I'm visiting. But there are days I call everyone and send letters and can't read and comment enough, it's like air - I breathe in your lives and words and stop by to say hi.

It takes as much effort to update my own blog depending on what I've got going on. I suck at downloading pics to upload to the site, and Rob & I are trying to work on designs for Ride & Rub, trying to figure out how to move forward with that crazy little world. Amongst all these little worlds.


In which I profess love, adoration, and stalker status of the writers that I read in absolutely no order other than I think to write them down because I read them in whatever random order my moods are befitting at the time I open my favorites list:

Havi & Selma - The Fluent Self: An awesome pair who calm people down just by explaining how to calm down.

Scott - Caveat Emptor: Scott tells stories and has conversations that I only dream of having, but then he writes them down, so he has way more markers in the "Writing things down so they will be remembered for generations" category.

Brandon - /thepenismightier\: I do believe this man has far more alias' than I have, and let me tell you, I have quite a few. He often has problems with pants, but then, don't we all? He has a way with words that get down on their knees and beg me to lick them up, just once, pretty please, because these words will never do me wrong again. I've had the honor of having him guest post for me before - and he nailed it.

James - Double Danger: He's over in Midland & he shares writing and insight with his wife Shala. It's nice to have another voice of reason & common sense to connect to in the area, and even though we're no more than 20 miles apart, we haven't met yet!

Gina - Art Tripper: My sister-in-law, so I know her art stuff. She graduates this weekend (yea!) and is intent on developing the art scene here in Midland-Odessa, launching a sales venue & gallery & gathering group to grow the talents we have out here.

Neil - Citizen of the Month: One of the first to comment on my other writing, a huge encourager, a man not afraid to stand in the middle of the street and yell at the people passing by and then post about it because it makes great blogfodder, and yet he's still so vulnerable you just want to make him hot cocoa & give him extra marshmallows.

Jenn - Doktorchik: One of my friends from high school who has blogged about her weight loss surgery & some very yummy recipes, as well as the happenings in her life. She's a friend I need to see again the next time I'm going to San Antonio.

James - d is for delightful: His latest incarnation (this man has more lives than a cat, thank goodness) is open, honest, & thought-provoking to say the least. James, you sir are one of my Gabriel friends, though we've not met in person, our stories have crossed paths.

David - Sparky Firepants: An artist who is making a living as an artist! He has offered an ear if I were to need it, and encouragement to keep making the art happen. He lives by some alpacas, and while I have not made the acquaintance of an alpaca, he claims they have great creative inspiration qualities. I'll take his word for it.

Nathan - Doodleist & Nathan Bowers: A genius at code and wordpress and other web/computer things that I don't understand, but that's ok because he does and that's why he's there. He started doodleist to showcase art, his own drawing & painting and that of those he likes - it's intriguing to see the development process from a different angle. Just from grabbing a pen & some paper. Any paper.

Pam - Escape from Cubicle Nation: Because I'm working on my own plan to get out from behind the desk for someone else and in front of a table saw & canvas like I belong, and she offers great advice as well as daily thoughts and encouragement from her life as she writes her book!

Bobbi - The Gar-Lop-Son Spot: My friend Bobbi who moved to New Mexico to be with her honey & while I miss her, I see that they get to go hiking a lot! (And they got snow today!) She's got a good little family life going & it's inspiring to see. (Now wondering when Amber will get a blog! heehee)

Melissa - They Call Me Crazy: She's not really crazy, but appease her by telling her she is, ok? While we may not agree on a bunch of things, she deals with things I don't, so I shut up & let her talk. It's better that way. Also, her hubby is serving his tour in the sandbox & I give her props for not crying every single day, because I totally would if Rob got deployed.

Maggie - Okay. Fine. Dammit.: A woman who can wrap words around her finger so gently they fall into place like one of her bouncy curls. She's pushing the walls of her mime-box back to make her space bigger and more her own and she shares a lot of great insights along the way.


Yep, I like twitter too - it makes the stalking and networking easier. It has made it easier to meet people I like online and someday I hope to meet them in person.

Oddly enough, Rob & I met online, yet he doesn't spend nearly as much time on the web as I do - it's hard enough to get him to check his email! But I'm glad he was on that one weekend, he's worth it.

Someday I hope to meet lots more. When I actually make the effort to do so, that is...


Maggie, Dammit said...

Wow, Heather. Wow wow wow wow wow.

This is such a cool post, and the way you've described each of these people is touching and impressive. I am completely, utterly honored.

Thank you for this.

scott said...

Such an impressive crew. I feel out of place. Thanks.

I should warn you that I have reason to believe that Brandon is either a serial murderer or an Amway salesman. Do not meet him in person, however many cleverly-titled meetings he might invite you to.

Hello, Heather.

Neil said...

You were the very first blogger who I asked for her real name. Before you came out as Heather.

James said...

Thanks for the linky-love. One day we will have the West Texas Bloggers MEGA-conference...


/brandon\ said...

i am so happy that one of my favorite things i ever wrote was for you. and scott is right to warn you about me, also.

heather said...

Thank you Maggie, for continuing to inspire.

Hello, Scott. You are not out of place in my world. I'll heed your advice on Brandon, but he talks so sweet! ;)

Neil, thank you for sticking with me even after I came out.

James - I'll happily pitch in to help plan that!

Nah, Brandon, you're as innocent as an over-eager puppy. And one of my favorite things.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Half of these I love and half I've never hear of. Gotta go explore now...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Scott, I love you, sir. You end every comment with a salutation. It reminds me, somehow, of that poor victim in the horror movie slowly backing down the dark hallway, knife a'forwards when it should be a'stern - but in a good way.

That and H's recommendation are definitely sending me to your blog.

And H, thanks. You know that I value you for your honesty. Always keep it up, eh?!

heather said...

Thank you for stopping by Jenny, The Bloggess. Someday when I'm going thru Houston I want to shout "Hello" in your general direction!

8xyzzy8 - Will do, good sir, will do. (grin)

David "Sparky Firepants" said...

Heather, you're awesome and you flatter me. I'll take it today, I shaved horribly.

I also keep up with many of the people on your list and they truly rock – as do you.

You forgot to add yourself!

I'm officially adding you to your own list.

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