Thursday, July 24, 2008

some art bits

Painting. Spent the evening playing with green paint on a cardboard heart, rearranging paints & brushes, gluing random things to other random things.

I like being artful.

This one is the large 5x3 painting I currently have leaning against the wall in front of me when I'm working at the drafting table. It's a work in progress, like many things are, I just haven't figured out the pattern for the overlay yet. Very inspired by Pollack, yes.


sheila bocchine said...

love the texture on the heart!

Melissa said...

you did circles... I think you should try squares next! you know... the groovy bright ones with rounded off corners! Just a thought! Loves!

heather said...

Thank you Sheila! I like playing with texture - I prefer things touch-worthy!

Hmmm -things to think about Melissa... we shall see!

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