Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the need for green

Today is a very cloudy, weather turmoil-y day, and with all the stuff that is going on with family and friends right now, well I turn to the green for some comfort in color.

This started out as a pre-prepped, store bought canvas. I use the Van Gogh Acrylic in one of the deeper, more emerald green.

I used a one inch brush as I applied the paint, going with one layer, but a very thick layer. While applying I used the thickness of the brush to measure out a one-inch-ish basket weave pattern across the whole canvas.

One solid color is rare for me, but the thickness and thinness in the lines gives the whole piece enough variation to appease my sense of light and dark compliments.

Falling into the "I like texture" category, because I like things that I can touch and feel, I broke out the glue and fabric leaves!

All those pretty green leaves that didn't get used on the Queen's Rose Garden in "Alice in Wonderland" last summer were just hanging out waiting for a project! So I glued them along the edge, making a pretty alternating level border.

But then my color contrast needs kicked in and I found some orange faux maple leaves, the fall leaves with all the orange/green/yellow veins that make it stand out on the green canvas background.

Much in the same style as the roses, I tossed a handful of the leaves in the air and glued them down where they landed. Only, not totally glued - just a small attachment dot of glue at the base of the leaf, so that the rest of the leaf moves with a breeze. Gives the entire pieces some movement, makes you want to touch it, makes it 'dance' a bit to the eye.

This pretty ditty was a gift to Bobbi, and I'm hoping it compliments her decor in her new home!


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