Tuesday, April 22, 2008

keep on keepin' on

Not much to see here - I've gots things to say, plenty thereof really, it's the forming of actual words in an attempt to make sense that seems to be complicating my process.

Anyway, the photo above is of the red canvas I'd started, the one that eventually got finished and is now belongs to Amber.

Pre-prepped canvas bought from the store (they do the staples so much better than I do...), red acrylic paint brushed on thick then using a half-inch brush to swirl into the base coat. Let's see if I can find a photo with a closer view of those swirls - can you see them?

Then I started lining out in orange paint across the canvas lines at angles. Odd angles, angles that don't appear to be on purpose, but they are to the whole picture! Really!

And here's where I failed to get a whole picture of the whole painting - see, all that loading the car to drive back across to Texas, and all that driving, and all that weekend with the girls where I wired both paintings for hanging for them, and the hanging of this red & orange one on Amber's wall where she said she likes it and it fits her personality - well, with all that going on, I forgot to take a photo of the finished piece! (hanging my head in mock shame) (so, Amber, can I get a photo?) (grin)

Oh - and I have a job! Yea! I start monday!


Gail said...

This is gorgeous. It is very stirring. I'm always drawn to color and pattern more than actual pictures of things. Very nice.

heather said...

You know, that is a nice and precise way to word it - I'm drawn to the colors and patterns more than pictures as well! Thank you gail!

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