Friday, March 7, 2008

and there was this one time...

I'm finished with the painting of Bubbles - I need to seal it, if it ever stops raining long enough. The sealer won't work with humidity, go figure.

Have a handful of other projects am working on - need to get photos of them for this. One is a piece of wood with a lattice type stencil I'm carving.

The other thing rolling around in my head is hardened resin in a particular shape, but again, does not work well in humidity, so this may have to wait till I'm back in Texas. Also working with this stuff needs plenty of ventilation, and there's not much of that here. Anyway - I also want to use barbed wire for this particular piece - probably easier to get in Texas than in Florida...

Anyway. Carving, sealing, and finishing a few other small projects. Will post pics again soon!

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Doktorchik said...

I look forward to seeing pictures. I miss painting and drawing - I got sick of it a few years ago and gave EVERYTHING to my brother. I think scrapbooking and photography fill the void fairly well, but there is something about creating with your hands that is irreplaceable.

I hope this finds you well. I agree about missing mexican food, which is ironic because I'm in freaking San Antonio! I miss Rosa's though, and if we eat out here its usually not Mexican because the one place we've found that we like is way across town. You can get some really good Asian food here though, ironically.

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