Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's hard to actually express what I do, or think about, while I paint. It helps if I'm actually in the mood to do something, because then it flows. Like every move, every inch, every idea just falls right into place and fills itself in. Those times I can work for hours and not realize it at all. I've gone several hours without looking up from a piece, only to find that when I eventually do - I'm hungry, thirsty, and have a sore neck from leaning over so long.

This is not those times. My giveadamn is broken and I have to force myself out of bed, much less to put clothes on that aren't sweats. So I've been filling these in maybe once, twice a week. As an effort to distract myself, or an effort to try and reclaim something I like doing. Or I'll spend hours working a fierce level sudoku, just to keep out of my own mind. Really, working on something like a carving would be much better suited...

Anyway, I don't think of muchwhen I'm actually working, except the piece. It is a good way to focus and stay out of my head. The conundrum is, when I don't feel good, when I'm spending too much time in my own head, is exactly when I probably should be painting.

Working on getting back to that.

Meanwhile, a few more photos of this. It'll be done soon, I promise, for the handful of you who are bored with it already.


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