Sunday, February 17, 2008


I alternate between feeling like crap because I'm depressed and feeling like crap because I'm sick. So today, after spending entirely too much time in bed and then more than a few hours searching the classifieds and job hunting sites, when Rob said he was heading out for a walk, I suggested the beach. Today was unusually warm, about 80, and not rainy for once. So we meandered to the beach.

He loaded his backpack with weights, so he can stay in shape for his PT stuff. I took my shoes and socks off not long after we started walking. Yeah, the water was a bit chilly, but I acclimated pretty quickly. There were people swimming and surfing, so it couldn't have been too bad.

I watched the waves roll over my feet, it's disorienting. Like my focus shifts with the direction of the current, or like everything is moving and I'm standing still, but I'm moving too..

The darker silt gets left behind on the lighter sand, as if the waves were painting their own landscape. Joggers and little kids playing in the surf leave footprints behind in the wet-packed sand. The birds light little prints, Y out as they move in and out, swooping off in search of someone throwing bread.

The sun starts to set, the colors of the sky reflect in the surf, soft pinks and purples blending into the oranges and blues. The moon has risen just enough, but not so much I can't capture both it and the ocean in one shot.


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