Friday, August 17, 2007


Working on "Alice In Wonderland" at the Globe. I'm playing the Cook, so I get to be silly and dance with a pepper shaker. It's all good. (grin)

Anyway, am also helping with the painting and creating of things. One is the painting of the Walrus and the Carpenter that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum talk about with Alice.

This is a shot of it stretched out on my bedroom floor while I worked on it over the summer. I used a painters canvas - it was slightly more flexible than regular canvas, it was already the dimensions I mostly needed, and same cost. Then I found sketches of the Walrus and Carpenter in various books and on the web, drew it in free hand, making sure to leave room down the center to cut it and faded out on the edges to help with the surreal effect.

After sketching I started painting, using basic acrylics, filling in the clothes, rocks, and skin tones. The oysters were easier - I painted grey and black and white swirls in circles all along the bottom. I used a sharpie to outline the clothes and eyes and such, then to fill in the lines on the oysters and their little shined shoes on their little feet! (If you know the poem, you know what I'm talking about!)

I spent half the time in rehearsals and the other half doing other projects, and the other half traveling to El Paso to see Rob, or he'd come here and we'd hang out more than I would work on anything useful. It happens. Especially with a wonderful and handsome man like him!

Here's the shot of it finished, and still in one piece. (It had to be cut in half for the turning triangles for the set.)


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